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Tricks to try!:


Triangle, Square, Back button, O

Mountain bike

By, square, triangular, O

By, O, Sq, Triangle


Triangle, X, Square, O

In-line skate

To, Square, By, Triangle

Ace Combat 2

You can do anything!:

Music Evaluation

Complete the sport with a rank higher than Initially Lieutenant. A range for very good music player mode can look in the alternatives menu. Press L1 or L2 to jump to the next track, R1 or R2 to leap to the past track, Group to select a track, Choose to toggle the screen, and Rectangular, Triangle, or X to give up.

Free of charge Mission Setting

Complete the Kingpin mission. A Free Quest option which allows any objective to be played out will appear on the opening menu.

Look at All Airplane

Complete the overall game with a ranking of Standard.

Fasten Replay Look at

Hold Sq during a play back to lock the camera.

Alternate Mission Map View

Emphasize the Quest option for the mission assortment screen, and press Choose.

XFA-27 Fighter

Complete the game underneath normal difficulty. Play the game again underneath hard difficulty and reach the low altitude surprise strike mission (Dead End). Locate and destroy the several YF-23As in the special Sibel Force Several squadron south of the concentrate on. A honor and the XFA-27 will be awarded on the debriefing screen.

Adidas Electricity Soccer

The #1 Team, that rocks all:

Inside the options menu Press: L2, R2, Square, X

Advanced soccer techniques:

These moves ought to help you immensely during a soccer match:


To = Triangular

S = Square

O = Group of friends

X sama dengan X

Back Flick: U + T

Back Heel: S i9000 + X

Power Shot: Capital t + Back button

Pull Shirt: Capital t + To (defense only)

Martial arts Kick: S + Times (defense only)

Two-Handed Press: T & X (defending)

Female Commentator:

Go to game mode, focus on the commentator option, and press the Circle and Square.

Adventures of Lomax

Allows for players to skip levels:

Press: Straight down, Start, Up (PRESS & HOLD), Left 1 (PRESS & HOLD), Triangle Ring, X, Sq. A number needs to have appeared to the left of Lomax). Now to skip a level (PRESS & HOLD) to skip a level: UP, Left 1, CHOOSE & START OFF. You can now permit the Cheater Chopper be a cheater!

Fly at will:

You can only gain access to this code after youve accomplished the Level Skip Be unfaithful. Once in Helicopter Mode: Select the arrêter, then press LEFT one particular, SQUARE to fly surrounding the levels.

Andretti Race

Bring up a menu of secret choices for changing your car without any problem:

While race, pause video game, and select competition strategy. Today press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2+X+O+Select.

Armored Core

Diverse camera sights:

Fixed Camera:

You can go for a fixed camera angle simply by pressing Circle + Times + Start off.

Mech View:

To switch to first-person view during play, press Triangle & Square & Start at the

same period then unpause the game. To return to third-person view

just temporarily halt the game in that case unpause that.

Vehicle Destruct

Level Codes:

next level: gSMTkJBVm

3rd level: gSMTJfYsZ

fourth level: gqBJCkLmv

5th level: gvBKYgfNv

sixth level: fnFKgdHNr

7th level: fnFKfdHNf

eighth Level: fnBVgqHNr

last level: rrJTfSFTr

Trigger Blood function, Angel setting, and tons of other secrets and cheats.:

During perform, pause the overall game and press Up, Straight down, Left, Proper, Down, Right, L1, R1, R1 to get access the Cheat Menu. From

right now there input any one of the following codes for the specified effect.

Blood Setting: Press L1, Down, R1, Left, L1, Right, R1

Angel Method: Activate Bloodstream Mode, then press Up, R1, Down, L1, Up, Left, R1, Right, L1.

Extra Beat: Press DOWN, L1, L1, O, O, R1, UP, SQUARE, L1

Invulnerability: Press L1, L1, L1, L1, REMAINING, O, U, SQUARE, L1

Subsequent Mission: Press L1, PROPER, DOWN, LEFT, UP, R1

Tune Up Menu: Press L1, R1, L1, UP, DOWN, Um, DOWN, CORRECT, LEFT, RECTANGULAR, R1

Car Select (from Tune Up menu): Press STILL LEFT, R1, CORRECT, R1, STILL LEFT, R1, PROPER, R1

All Time Trials: Press R1, L1, O, LEFT, O, To, RIGHT, L1, O

Mission Select: Press UP, DOWN, Um, L1, R1, L1, Um, UP, STRAIGHT DOWN

More Cash: Press L1, R1, UP, O, DOWN, SQUARE, LEFT, R1, L1

Even more Nitros: Press L1, To, DOWN, L1, UP, SQ ., O, R1

Endless Fuel: Press L1, U, RIGHT, L1, O, R1, L1, UP, R1, DOWN

Azure Dreams

Life Replace:

Go to any kind of corner and press Triangle + Group of friends repeatedly until your up to full electric power!

Ballblazer Champions

Shrinking Rotofoil (happy face code), and Master Dome Level Select:


S sama dengan square

T = triangle

O = circle

By = easy to figure out!

L1, L2, R1, R2 sama dengan see above

Shrinking Rotofoil:

In the security password screen enter in:

X Um X Times O By

X Times X Back button X X

X By T Big t X By

S By X Back button X S i9000

X S S T S Times

(Note: the code resembles a grinning face! )

To jump towards the Master Dome stadium in the tournament, while using difficulty in Easy, and with 1 previous reduction on your record, enter:

U L1 L1 R1 R2 L2

Back button S S R1 R2 R1

R2 T L2 R1 L2 O

L2 R2 R1 X L1 R2

S i9000 L2 R1 X R1 R1


Level skip code.:

Level Skip

Start game play in single player function. Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Choose and press Start & X.

Battle Arena Toshinden 3

Secret personas and other methods.:

Random Select

Carry L1 & L2 & R1 & R2 at the character choose. Press Rectangular, Triangle, Back button, or Ring while collection box is moving.

Remove Display

Pause a fight. Maintain Circle & Triangle & Square & X and press Choose. This eliminates the continue, options and reset choices. While continuing to hold the four control keys, press Choose again. This kind of removes lifespan and Over Drive bars. To return the display to normal, duplicate the code while hitting Select when.

Enjoy as Sub-bosses

Beat the game with every basic character at level three or higher to open his or her sub-boss.

Play as Shou

Unlock every one of the sub-bosses, after that beat the game with Vermilion at level three or more.

Perform as Abel

Beat the video game with Shou at level seven.

Play since Veil

The fatigue game with Abel at level several.

Enjoy as Naru

Beat the game with Veil at level seven.

Alternate Costumes

Beat the video game with Naru at level seven. Employ Square or X to select a character.

Instant Secret Moves

Beat the game with Naru, after that set two or more of the shoulder buttons to special moves. Press most special maneuver buttons simultaneously to perform a secret move. Note that this does not work for almost all characters.

Unlimited Heart and soul Bombs

Press Start to temporarily stop a meet. Use the control mechanism configuration choice to map the L1, L2, R1, and R2 important factors to Heart and soul Bombs. Curriculum vitae game play and press among the those keys and Times simultaneously to release a Heart and soul Bomb. That button blend may be hard pressed an unlimited volume of times during the match.

Manual Camera Control

Your button setup menu, emphasize any shoulder joint button, and press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. The controls for the shoulder buttons will change to camera perspective controls. The view outside the window may now be rotated manually.

Control Loading Display screen

Press any controller press button to alter the colour of the phrase Now Launching.

Beast Wars

Choose any level you want and eliminate whos into it with these two superb cheats.:

Level skip:

During play stop game then simply press and hold L2 while hitting Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, X, X, Triangular, Right, Kept, Down, Up. Resume the overall game with L2 still placed.

Weapon power-up:

During enjoy pause video game then press and carry L2 when pressing Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangular, X, and Square. Curriculum vitae the game with L2 continue to held.

Biography F. Ur. E. A. K. T.

Fight Clonus and alternative View requirements.:

Fight Clonus Opponent

Carry Select when selecting a great opponent in the character collection screen to fight against the Clonus version of that character

Various View

Carry L2 + R2 and press Away during a meet. Hold L2 + R2 and press Down to return to normal view.

Dark Dawn

Unrestricted access to the tools of death and devastation duty cost-free!:

Infinite Missiles

8005FCF0 0064

Endless Napalm

8005FCF4 03E7

Infinite Rockets

8005FCF2 0064

Infinite TAC

8005FCF6 03E7

Quest skip, utmost weapons, maximum fuel & ammo, plus other awesome codes:

During gameplay press: Select, L2, Select, R2. Then enter in any one of the codes below:

(T = Triangle)

Utmost Fuel & Ammo Big t, T, T, O

Cycle Gun Modes Choose, Select, Select

Display Mode Toggle Down, R1, R2

Greatest extent Weapons L1, L2, R1, R2

Summon Wingman S, T, S, O

Mission Complete To, T, T, Down, Straight down, Down

Upgrade Current Weapon L1, L1, R1, R1

Boost Chamber

Strike the competition aside before the game titles begin by beginning on the level which you have chosen!:







Unlimited lives, joy!:


S= Rectangular

C= Group

L= Left

R= Proper

D= Straight down

U= Up

At the title screen press:

S, D, S, L, C, Deb, C, U. Now your options menu and choose solo survivor. You have infinite lives.


Top secret Babes Watch Option:

In case you manage to surface finish the game considering the babes preserved

go to start video game and there is a fresh option perspective babes. I believe you can

figure out the rest

Blazing Dragons

Go straight to the ultimate level:

Sixth is v? U5MK 4N6LUL OHW5CB

BRAHMA Power: The Invasion on Beltlogger 9

See the hidden, secret, behind-the-scenes products!:

First you should beat the video game within two hours (with a storage card inside the slot). Then wait till the overall game returns for the title display screen. The words Press Start must be on the display screen, so go ahead and press start off. A new term, special, will need to appear on the screen. Focus on this and behold! A menu appears that features a stage choose, a video and sound check, and more!

Bravo Air flow Race

Quicker planes, extra planes, and alternate shades.:

Note: This game is usually titled Reciproheat 5000.

Turbo GeeBee

Rapidly tap X on the Now Packing screen until the GeeBee aeroplanes flies towards the top of the display. The word Great! will appear to confirm correct code entry. The GeeBee will fly more than 100 with faster than normal during game play.

Extra Airplanes

Hold R1 + L2 and quickly press Select(20) on control two on the title display screen. A audio will verify correct code entry. The F-16 and F-117A as well available on the aircraft selection display screen.

Alternate Plane Color

Hold R2 + L1 while the game loads.


Cheat your way through the game!:

Get into one of the following passwords with the load and save video game screen. Notice: Press Still left + Commence after enabling the Zoom lens cheat to move around the level.

Result Password

Level choose XMVLCHTMSB


Level select and 99 lives XALLDBUGCR

Most rocket parts XTOOROCKER

Add heads to Paws screen XDBUGLOCNC

Enable zoom be a cheater XZOOMERKB

Change form XURASNAKER

Access benefit rounds XBNSCHTMMM

Burning Road

3 sort-of concealed Tracks:

At the outset of any one of the monitors, its possible to choose around and race the track in the opposite course.

Bushido Blade


Bushido Blade

Uncover Katze:

In the event you beat Slash Mode about hard with out continuing, Katze (the figure with the gun) will become enjoyable.

Bust-A-Move 2 Game Edition

Extra Levels, Distinct Characters, and more!:

Extra Amounts

When Press Start looks on the subject screen, press R1, Up, L2, Straight down. If you joined the code correctly a little green wizard will appear in the lower right corner. Begin a new game and the expression Another Community will appear inside the lower still left corner.

Different Characters

Begin a puzzle video game, then in the map display screen, press Still left twice, Up, Down, L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. Now a personality select display screen will appear. Press Left or perhaps Right to decide on a character and press X to continue. Be aware: Bub will appear on the map screen, however your new figure will be in the game.

Extra Credits

In the option menu, press Left, Right, R1, R2, L2, L1, Up, Down. A 30-second termes conseillés will appear inside the upper-right nook. Quickly highlight the Credit selection and repeatedly engage X or Circle to include up to 30 credits!

If you require more credit check out this kind of trick:

Select the options menu, and press L, Ur, R1, R2, L2, L1, UP, STRAIGHT DOWN. Highlight the phrase credits. You will have thirty secs to hit the X switch as fast as you can. The faster you strike X, the greater credits you should have when your period is up.

Access the hidden character types:

Select dilemna game setting. When the map screen shows up, press T, L, U, D, in that case press L1, L2, R1, R2 together. A key character collection screen will appear.

Its a whole new location to be!:

As soon as the game offers loaded up, and the words and phrases Press Start off are blinking onscreen, press R1, U, L2, M. Now, find the Puzzle Game mode and try out the new world.

Buster Bros. Collection

Make use of this code to find hidden levels or to select regular types.:

Bonus levels (Buster Buddies)

Press Times on remotes one and two the moment selecting a normal game. Five extra phases will be available for game play.

Level choose (Super Buster Brothers and Buster Buddies)

Press Down + X when picking out a normal video game.

Cardinal Syn

You dont have to beat the video game to use all the characters, only use this code!:

Play as Bimorphia The moment Press Commence appears with the opening display, press Right(3), Down, Rectangular. If you joined the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Play as Juni

When Press Start appears at the beginning screen, press Up, Left, Left, Up, Square. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Play while Kahn

When Press Start looks at the opening screen, press Up(2), Down(2), Triangle. Should you entered the code appropriately, you will listen to a sound.

Play as Moloch

When Press Start shows up at the beginning screen, press Up, Correct, Down, Kept, Square. In case you entered the code properly, you will listen to a appear.

Play as Mongwan

When Press Start looks at the opening screen, press Down(3), Up, Triangle. In case you entered the code appropriately, you will notice a sound.

Play since Redemptor

When Press Start looks at the opening screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle. In case you entered the code correctly, you will notice a appear.

Play while Stygian

When Press Start appears at the opening screen, press Left, Right, Left, Correct, Triangle. Should you entered the code appropriately, you will notice a audio.

Play as Vodu

When Press Start appears at the opening screen, press Left(3), Up, Circle. If you entered the code appropriately, you will notice a appear.


How to beat the ghosts:

Fatso close to kitchen: Nourish him burgers

Smelly: spray parfum on him

Stretch out: use stuff

Fatso in bath tub: use camera

Basic Fatso: use wind up important then hammer the containers

Farmer Smelly: use sludge hammer and chisel to carve the rock in

Graveyard Extend: Use twister morph to lure him into severe site

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Get more out from the game after you beat that!:

To play as Richter Belmont beat the game 160% or more and enter your name because RICHTER

To start the overall game with RESPONSABLE ARMOR beat the game and enter the name AXEARMOR

For 99 fortune with the Lapis Luzuli (which gives+20 luck) beat the game and enter

the Brand X-X! VQ

For a hard game beat the game and enter the identity X-X! Sixth is v

Note: All of the names should be entered after you beat the video game with 160% or higher

and are also entered being a new video game not renaming a preserve

Code Term: Tenka

Miss to the end:

To miss a level, pause the game during play. Press and maintain L2 although pressing this kind of button sequence: Circle, Circle, Square, Triangular, R1, Sq ., Triangle, Group of friends. Then relieve L2.

Bring out the big guns!:

To reach all of the pistols, pause the overall game during play. Press and hold L1, and enter the following: Triangular, R1, Triangle, Square, R1, Circle, Square, Square. In that case release L1.

Nest Wars

Guns cheat, infinite energy, plus more!:

For Super-cooled Weapons enter this password at the security password entry display in the alternatives menu: Tranquillex.

For infinite strength enter: Hestas*Retort

For level skip enter in: Commander*Jeffer

Intended for infinite second weapons enter into: Memo*X33RTY

Command & Overcome

All you need to get, its that simple.:

Ion Cannon:

During play, pause the sport and press Right, Straight down, Left, Left, Down, Correct, Right, Straight down, Left, X, Square, Triangle. Press start to resume perform and activate your code.

Perspective map:

During play, pause the game and press Ring, Circle, Circle, Up, Group, Square, R1, Circle, Group of friends, Circle. Press start to reveal the map.

Nuke em:

Whilst playing, stop the game and press Correct, Down, Kept, Left, Down, Right, Correct, Down, Kept, X, Up, X. Press start to curriculum vitae play and launch your attack.

GDI levels revealed:

2 04XFOOP3W a few W3KIESA3O some A8OTO3WIW your five W1N457LJ4 6th OLXRH5ZUS six OX3CS3D4G almost 8 036Y0TVNY being unfaithful V199PXG5L 10 8PH1NEGII 11 GTJKF2J00 doze T0RMFVVM5 13 AQU7OQ65A 14 KV2UWMZJ9 15 GTJ2PV46O

Get 5, 000 instantly with a code:

During play, pause the overall game and press Right, Straight down, Down, Remaining, L1, Remaining, Right, Straight down, Left. Press Start to curriculum vitae play with an extra $5, 000.

Look for a level, any level!:

To reach a level in the NOD objective disk, enter the appropriate code:

Level 2: C99FAXKW8

Level 3: RZNLQZ3NL

Level 4: W1954XWLF

Level 5: W15DASRS8

Level 6: 8PH1MR53W


Level 8: YKK424K3D

Level on the lookout for: 874LCPUT4

Level 10: A8SHPAHXW

Level 14: OX3UKOP94

Level 12: QGDUMSK2J

Level 13: SZP09VDSB

Command & Conquer: Red Inform


Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Skip to any stage:

Enter on the password display.






6. FMNAE6U08



9. 4TNT8RJ21




13. J7VEWVT09


15. 17LE3FDV


2 . VMBWOQ284


four. LH06FZZQL


6. AVYQ10YA8


eight. YQX4C9GFH

9. 1QESO8LE0



12. 8T5GGDK25

13. X5CDE0KN8

Instant success, money, and also other codes.:

Execute these press button presses during play

Immediate victory: Back button, SQUARE, SQ ., O, TRIANGULAR, O


Instant Money: SQ ., SQUARE, O, X, TRIANGULAR, O

Immediate Chronoshift: TRIANGLE, O, O, SQUARE, RECTANGULAR, X


Contra: Legacy of War

Start at any level with this stellar stage select code:

At the title screen enter into L2, R1, L1, R2, Left, Proper, Circle, Rectangular, R2, L2. This will talk about a menu with a set of all the periods.

Unlock hidden games games, movie player, and a sound test:

Get into these with the title display:

Video Player

L2, L1, R1, R2, Up, Left, Down, Right

Fish tank game

R2, R1, Right, Left, L1, L2

Gyruss game

L2, L1, Remaining, Right, R1, R2

Audio test

R2, R1, L1, L2, Up, Right, Straight down, Left

Amazing Boarders two

Change into some new cloths:

New uniforms: (at main screen) down, R1, up, R1, down, R2, up, R2, up, up, R1, straight down, down, R2 then wait tell you notice someone state hear all of us go after that press R1, R2

Secret characters and more:

Their easy to unlock secrets in Cool Boarders 2, what you just have to do can be your best. More specifically execute all of the moves in master function, finish initial in mirror mode, break all of records in freestyle mode. You’ll certainly be rewarded with secret planks, tracks, and characters. Even an alien named Grey who rides a hover board!

Crash Bandicoot

Access to the whole game 100% levels accomplished:

T= Triangular

S= Square

O= Circle

X= X




Critical Interesting depth

Secrets, Secrets, and even more secrets!:

To uncover the three top secret characters you first have to finish the overall game with virtually any character around the medium problems setting. This allows you to perform as Mr. Phatt. Beat the game applying Mr. Phatt on the hard difficulty establishing. This will uncover Agent 326. Defeat the overall game using Agent 326 around the hard problems setting to unlock the last character.

Croc: The Legend of Gobbos

Level Select:

Enter the password Remaining, Left, Kept, Left, Down, Right, Right, Left, Still left, Down, Correct, Down, Still left, Up, Right to open up most levels.

Crow: Associated with Angels

Look into all of the cinemas:

At the main menu, spotlight the continue option, and enter this password: T, T, To, O, Um, O, To, O, Big t, T

All of the level passwords:

Pier: T, Back button, T, To, O, T, X, To

Motorboat: X, Back button, X, Back button, T, T, X, Um


Grave: X, T, X, T, S, X, Times, T, H, O

Cathedral: T, Capital t, T, Big t, O, S i9000, T, T, S, Um

Day um Dead: Back button, T, Back button, T, H, O, Um, X, H, O

Team: T, O, T, O, O, To, X, U, S, To

Tower: Back button, X, U, X, S i9000, S, X, T, U

Borderland: To, X, Back button, X, O, S, To, S

Ending: X, Times, X, O, S, T, X, Times, T, O

Stick number action!:

At the main menu highlight the continue choice, enter this password: T, T, X, S, U, O, S i9000, X, Big t, T

Makes info appear onscreen:

At the primary menu highlight the continue option, get into this pass word: S, Back button, S, Um, T, Big t, O, T, X, S i9000

Exercises the necks of the characters!:

At the main menu emphasize the continue option, and enter this kind of password: X, O, Capital t, O, S i9000, S, Capital t, O, Back button, O

Crusader: Zero Remorse

Level passwords for easy difficulty:















Use these codes to carry on the impose and maintain the rampage. Anger is a power, anger is definitely an energy:

80066684 E812

8006A38E 0020

80098788 0011

80098790 0011

801457D2 09C4

Dark Causes

Codes for each level!:














It is storm nerf alpha trooper review stomping period: Level Skip, Invincibility, Every Weapons, plus more!:

L= Remaining

R= Right

D= Down

O= Circle

X= X

Start off the game normally, and while playing push:

D, O, Times

R, To, X

Deb, O, Times

A defraud menu display should look if done correctly.

To neglect a level pause the game and select the next level choice.

The pogo option allows you to arrive at unreachably powerful positions.

Warning: Will not select the PAL Option that crashes the overall game!

Dead or Alive

Quick Replay:

After a round is finished, but before the victory cause, press and hold safeguard

(square) and kick (circle), and then press punch (triangle) while even now

holding the other two buttons, you may then rewind and replay the final

segment of the fight on your hearts content by hitting or releasing punch

(triangle) and still possessing the various other two keys.

Get all of the character outfits.:

Everytime you beat the video game with a personality you generate a new costume for that particular character.

Play since Raidou and Ayane.:

To experience as Raidou:

Defeat the sport with all of the personas.

To learn as Ayane:

Earn each of the outfits, that is 14 for every single female figure, five for each and every

man character, and 3 pertaining to Raidou

The key behind the additional config alternatives is unveiled!:

If you the fatigue game once you will get the first. Then simply every 3 hours from then on the game can automatically relieve one after the other.

If you full all of the moves for a persona in training mode you can unlock a secret tone option.

Deathtrap Dungeon

Pick Virtually any Level You Want With This Code:

Press L1, R1, Triangular, Triangle, Sq, Circle, R1, L1 at the

main menu. All levels may now be selected with the Load Display screen.

Destruction Derby 2

Have a look at some of the awesome people who do this great video game:

Type in the code: CREDITZ!

This code allows you to get access to any of the tracks:

Type the code: MACSrPOO

In that case immediately take up a new practice race and all sorts of the paths should be accessible.


Free funds:

Start a two player game. Give each of the gold to 1 of the characters and conserve the game pertaining to the character which has all of the rare metal. Begin another game while using saved persona in two player mode and have the various other character give his precious metal to the kept character again. Save the sport and do it again and again.

Die Hard Trilogy

Change the game!:

R= Right

U= Up

D= Straight down

S= Rectangular

During the game press pause. Then press R, U, D, S. Press temporarily halt again and select the use editor option. It might take a while to get use to this, however you can change anything.

Die Hard2 Level Unique codes:

LEVEL a couple of










LEVEL some





LEVEL your five







KB58P2RQ! L581













Cheats for the entire trilogy:



R= Proper

L= Left

D= Down

U= Right


O= U

S= Square

T= Triangular

Enter any of the subsequent codes after pausing the overall game. While having the R2 button, press any of the pursuing:

Pass away Hard 1:

Ur, U, G, S sama dengan God function

3rd there’s r, S, Deb, O = 50 grenades and 5 bullets

R, S, S, M = Fat mode

D, T, T, G = Villains float upwards when taken

L, O, D, S sama dengan Coordinates

T, T, T, To, T, Big t, T, Big t, T, T, R, Ur, R, 3rd there’s r = Bones mode

D, Um, O, Deb, T, Deb = Absurd mode

R, U, D, G, S, R = Unlimited shotgun

Die Hard 2

R, U, D, S = Map editor (select this option for God mode)

M, S, Capital t, D = Skeleton setting

Ur, S, L, O, To, D = Lots of rounds

Perish Hard several

D, T, R, D sama dengan Fat method

R, S, T, T, By, S, G = Car floats in air

D, U, L, L, D, U, L, L, D, U, L, T = Everything is toned

T, U, M, L, H, D sama dengan Slow motion

O, Ur, D, S i9000, T, D = Sky cam function

Um, D, M, S, 3rd there’s r = Very slow motion

O, Um, S, S i9000, D, D, X, By = 666666666 turbos

L, U, U, D, S, Ur = Infinite lives

Employ these requirements to gain an advantage against the terrorists:

Any time through the game, temporarily halt the game and hold down R2 and enter one of these codes:

Infinite lifestyle = Still left, Right, Up, Down, Sq .

Bones mode = Triangle 10 times, Right 4 times

Paradise code sama dengan Down, Square, Triangle, Straight down

Map Editor sama dengan Press Left, Right, L2, L1, R1, Up, Down, Square

Go for it with limitless rounds of ammo:

At the beginning of the second game shoot the helicopter at the beginning and you will obtain unlimited baretta ammo.


Choose any level you wish!:

Enter these kinds of at the password entry display

Level 1: S T By O U T Back button X U S By S

Level 2: Times T O O S X Big t O To X T T

Level 3: T X Big t S O O Back button O By T T S

Level 4: X To T U S By X Back button O U O Big t

Level your five: T Back button O O X By S Um O X T Times

Level 6: O U X To T U S By X T S Big t

Level several: O H T Back button T U X Um X Capital t X Back button

Level eight: S Back button O U X Back button X U O Big t O To

Level being unfaithful: X Um O By S Back button T Um S Capital t T T

Level 10: O Capital t X X O To X By T O S Um

Level 11: O S Big t O X T Back button T U X U S

Level 12: X X By O To T Um X To S X O

By no means die, hardly ever run out of ammo, ohhhh yeah!:

During play press select to get into the map mode. Press L1, triangular, x, times, circle, by, triangle, sq, square. This will likely give you endless life.

For total ammo, get map function, press L1, x, rectangular, triangle, triangular, x, circle, triangle, by.

Excalibur 2555 A. Deb.

Enter one of the following following codes at the security password screen to start on any kind of level.:

Level 2, Fatality Crypt sama dengan T, S i9000, X, O, O, Capital t

Level 3, The Trappings = O, H, X, To, O, Capital t

Level 5, The Sewer = T, X, T, T, By, O

Level 5, Eco Sector sama dengan O, X, O, Capital t, S, Times

Level 6, Fabian Drinking water Hold sama dengan X, Um, T, T, O, To

Level 7, Fabian Central = T, S, U, O, Back button, T

Level 8, The Prison sama dengan O, Back button, S, To, T, T

Level on the lookout for, Elysian Labyrinth = To, X, To, O, H, T

Level 12, Subterranean = T, Um, O, H, T, X

Level 11, The Vault = By, S, T, X, To, S

Level 12, Delavars Lair sama dengan O, To, X, Um, S, To

Level 13, Project Eden = T, T, Um, X, By, X

Struggling with Force

Level and invincibility cheat:

In the title screen press and hold the following on control mechanism 1, Left on the D-pad, Square, L1, and R2. A message ought to appear at the end of the display screen if performed correctly. Enter the option menu and select either of the two codes to use.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Be unfaithful your way towards the top:

Master one category per battle with Ramza. Be sure to finish the first fight with at least 300 JP for Squire. Learn Scream before the next fight. Through the next battle, have Ramza yell at himself and stay away from the

opponents until his speed actually reaches 50 (the max). In that case attack. You have to be able to harm several times between enemy actions. Learn Accumulate before the third fight. During each following battle, scream at Ramza until his speed is definitely 50

(while staying away from the enemies). In that case Accumulate until you have enough job take into account master the class. Once that may be accomplished you

should be able to wipe the adversary out. Continue doing this process in each combat until you master every single class (mid chapter 2).

Note When using a amazingly inclined course, do not supply a system!

Formula 1

Generate all sorts of strange changes to the race:

Buggy Mode:

Hold over the Select button. Tap the subsequent buttons quickly:

Proper, Up, Triangular, Left, Up, Square, Triangular. Now you ought to see the communication Buggy Function Activated. This kind of cheat can turn your vehicle into a small buggy.

Motorcycle Mode:

Carry down the Choose button. Touch the following control keys quickly:

Down, Up, O, Triangular, Right, Up, Square, Triangular. Now you should see the message Bike Setting Activated. This kind of cheat will certainly turn your car or truck into a very small bike.

Lava Mode:

Keep down the Choose button. Faucet the following buttons quickly: Sq, O, Up, Right, Right, O, By. Now you should see the communication Lava Method Activated. This kind of cheat is going to turn every roads in to lava and the rest in gray.

Gibberish Mode:

Carry down the Select button. Engage the following keys quickly:

Left, To, Up, Straight down, Down, Proper, O, Sq ., Square. Now you should see the message Gibberish Mode Stimulated. This cheat makes Murray talk total gibberish.

Benefit Track:

Carry down the Choose button. Engage the following control keys quickly:

Left, U, O, Triangular, Triangle, To, Up, Correct. Now you should certainly see the meaning Bonus Observe Activated. This will make the added bonus track selectable just like the usual tracks.

Benefit Track:

To reach the Grand Champion Benefit Track you have to finish initially in both team and driver details in championship mode. Go to a single competition then select the bonus trail.


Skip levels and acquire unlimited lives!:

Level Select

Pause the game during play and press R, S, T, S, To, R1, L1, R1, L1, O.

Infinite Lives

Temporarily stop the game during play and press 3rd there’s r, S, Big t, S, To, X.

G Police

Endless shields, Almost all weapons and unlimited bullets!:

For endless shields:

On the briefing display press and hold L1+R2+Square then when still having press Kept on the D-pad.

For any weapons and unlimited rounds:

At the loadout screen(weapon select) press and hold L1+L2+R1+circle+triangle+square. Then whilst still possessing press Left on the D-pad.

Gex: Enter the Gecko

Gex in 3 easy steps:

Infinite lives: UNDEAD

Immortals: WEASEL

One-Liners (Quotes): OUT LOUD


To these requirements press temporarily halt during the video game then press and Hold L2 and R2. Then press the directions and buttons here that spell out the words over.

Intended for the albhabets U or N, press the up key.

Pertaining to the words D or S, press the down key.

To get the words L or W, push the still left key.

Pertaining to the words R or perhaps E, force the right essential.

For the letter, A, push the triangle switch.

For the letter, To, push the O button.

For the letter, Times push the X switch.

Gran Turismo

Get cash fast and easy:

All you have to do is keep coming into a contest that you know you can win and keep winning this! Then you can accumulate more and more money!!! (You may also sell the auto that you win as well! )

Get back in the race faster after a mishap:

Should you be racing virtually any fully configured turbo type car therefore you spin out. It takes 10 to 15 seconds to get going again. Rather than watching the competition drive simply by while you get any revs and acceleration built up do that. When you spin out and come to a stop, support the gas and the brake simultaneously, the acceleration will build quickly and once you struck the redline release the brake and you take off such as a shot. You save tons of time.

A short explanation of what is instructed to get extra car makes, the stopping, and informatiques mode.:

When you get the four extra monitors you can beat the four with all classes and definitely will get four extra car manufactures. Then if you defeat all 8 tracks in normal setting in all classes you will see the ending. And last if you beat almost all tracks in every classes you will be able to use cinéma mode.

Get 2000 dollars even more for your car:

If you sell a car promote it to the firm it was produced youll get paid $2, 1000 more than in the event that you where to sell that to someone like Dodge or Chevy.

4 more paths!:

In order to expose an extra 4 tracks it is advisable to win all classes around the first 4 tracks.

Grand Fraud Auto

Unlimited Ammo, Open Cities, and More.:

GROOVY: All weapons, infinite ammo, get out of jail important, armor.

WEYHEY: 9999990 factors (level complete)


EATTHIS: Max for degree of choice

FECK: Liberty town parts 1 and two

TVTAN: San Andreas and Liberty City parts 1 and a couple of

URGE: Almost all cities parts 1 and 2 apart from Vice Town part one particular

CAPRICE: Level select

CHUFF: No authorities

TURF: Every cities

Car & Driver Presents: Grand Tour Sporting 98

Locate the invisible medal to get a secret!:

Begin a race in Hong Kong. Competition until you encounter a mud road, learn to slow down a when you see the bridge. Travel across the connection, and turn proper. Head beneath the bridge and locate the gold medal this will scholarhip you the secret car and track.

Grid Runner

Sometimes it is faster to get flags when they are it:

Rather than avoiding the opponent and taking twice as long to collect the flags, try allowing for yourself to be it and chasing after him straight down. Your opponent will stay close to flags and after you label him youll have time to run about and acquire a couple even more.


Every Be a cheater:

From the main game menu, select Options. From the options screen, select Pad Config. Once inside the configuration menu, Hold over the R2 switch and press Right, Down, Right, Triangular, X. You should then listen to a sound to let you know the dimensions of the code was entered appropriately. If you don’t hear whatever, try getting into the code again. When the code has become entered appropriately, go back to the primary menu. You will notice a new alternative called Secrets. You will not be capable to access this kind of menu until you start the overall game. Start a video game and strike the temporarily stop key. Choose Cheats, and you may see choices to make gameplay easier, such as God method, weapons, secrets, etc . Collection the secrets and cheats up as you want and then stop the tricks menu, then unpause what you like. Cheats will now be turned on.

Sizzling Shots Golf

Play on the courses backwards!:

Highlight a course at the course assortment screen, then hold L1+L2 and press X.

Happy sounds:

Begin action in multi-player mode. Press X, Triangle, Circle, or Square within the controller not currently used to play various sounds.

Get each of the people and places:

Take out all memory cards through the PlayStation. Hold L1 + L2 & R1 & R2 in controller two when the screen flashes right before the Hot Shots logo appears during the beginning sequence. Maintain those control keys held, and press UP, UP, Straight down, UP, Kept, Right, Correct, Left, UP, UP, Straight down, UP, Left, Right, Proper, Left in controller two while the Popular Shots emblem is in action. The sound of the wood new driver will validate correct code entry.

Play In any event:

Highlight a golfer on the character assortment screen, then simply hold L1 and press X.

Impact Racing

Unlimited bullets, all guns available, previous level by pass, and bonus level:

To find the desired result, enter your selected code for the password display:

loadsofstuff (unlimited bullets for weapons)

all. tooledup (get every weapons)

endgamelevel (last level)

my spouse and i. am. imortal (indestructible car)

bonus. level (bonus level)

Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga

Miss ahead or perhaps back. Your option.:

Level two: 603EE0C530

Level several: B08E0F0802

Level 4: 000026B698

Level a few: 40074DFF12

Independence Day

Enjoy any level, any time!:

Type in the options menu and select the standard difficulty level. Then, with out a memory greeting card in the slot machine game, select the weight game option and enter in any one of the next codes:

Washington DBKMO

New York GBKMX


Moscow NL9MX

Tokyo R39NF

Oahu T59MX

Las Vegas Z99MZ

Mothership 399MH

Jeremy McGrath Supercross 98

Extra bikes, reversed monitors, and even more cheats!:

Access the Yamaha YZ80

Total the initially race in first place under advanced method. This will as well enable you to contest Jeremy private.

Reversed Paths

Complete the season in first place.

Automatic Saved Game Loading

Enter in MCGRATH because the players name.

Mirrored Tracks

Full the season in first place making use of the reversed paths.

Jet Spostamento

Cant reach all of the monitors? Now you can!:

Go into the options menu and set the problem level to amateur. After that change the trophy presenter to male. Subsequent, highlight the exit choice and press X to return to the title display screen. On the online pad press Up, Right, Down, Remaining, Up, Proper, Down, Kept. Now press Left, then simply X, to the options display. Change the difficulty to professional and change the trophy speaker to riders choice. Today move to the exit option and press X to return to the title display screen. Once below press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right on the pad. Youll hear a sound if this worked. Go on and start to enjoy. You will find that after choosing the rider and race type you can now select any track you want.

Jet Motocicleta 2

Obtain all of the paths:

Use the pursuing steps to enable all songs, including the alternate tracks. (this is hard to do)

Set learn difficulty and five laps per race at the choices screen Press

X on Lil Dave at the 1 participant select display, then resume title

screen. Press Up, Down, Left, Proper, R2, R1, L2, L1 within four seconds at the

title screen. Established three zone per contest at the alternatives screen. Then simply press Times on Trip at

the 1 player choose screen, then go back to subject screen. Press Up, Still left, Down, Right, Square, R2

Ring, L2 inside four secs at the name screen. Set amateur problems and turbos off on the options

screen. Press X on Bomber on the 1 player select screen, then return to title display.

Press Up, Down, Still left, Right, Up, Down, Left, Right within four just a few seconds

in the title display. Set professional difficulty and turbos on at the choices screen.

Press R2, R1, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L2 within four just a few seconds at the name screen.

The an arcano!:

Set grasp difficulty and 6 univers per competition at the alternatives screen. Press Left, Rectangular, Down, Triangular, Right, Group, L1, R1 within 4 seconds in the title display.

Top secret modes and characters:

Should you beat Jet Moto a couple of on the most difficult difficulty establishing a key setting and character will be revealed. Whenever you gain a trophy with a character a magic formula opens up. Try to get a trophy with all of the character types to see each of the secrets.

Jumping Display! 2

Very and Extra Modes:

When you overcome Jumping Flash 2 you have the opportunity to re-run the game in Super Method. In Extremely Mode you can Super Hop six amounts of jumping simply by pressing the jump press button each time you reach the full height of a hop.

Finish the game in Super Setting, and you can enjoy Extra Mode a higher level of difficulty.

California king Of Practitioners 95

Play as the boss heroes:

At the heroes selection display screen, select pertaining to Team Change.

After that, WHILE KEEPING, Press with this order:

Up + Group of friends, Right & Square, Still left + Times, Down & Triangle.

Heritage of Kain

Blood re-fill, Magic refill, and concert halls:

During enjoy simply push the buttons and guidelines listed for each and every code:

Blood Refill

Up, Proper, Square, Group of friends, Up, Straight down, Right, Remaining

Magic Re-fill

Right, Proper, Square, Circle, Up, Down, Right, Remaining

Access to every cinemas in the Dark Diary

Remaining, Right, Sq ., Circle, Up, Down, Correct, Left

Lost World: Jurassic Park

90 lives with any of the characters!:

Enter these kinds of codes with the password display

Compy with 90 lives: x, by, o, capital t, s, x, s, back button, o, h, t, h

Hunter with 90 lives: s, s i9000, t, um, x, s i9000, s, t, s, by, o, t

Raptor with 90 lives: x, times, o, to, s, by, s, back button, s, s, t, um

T-Rex with 90 lives: x, x, o, big t, s, t, s, x, t, s, t, s i9000

Human food with 85 lives: h, s, to, o, x, x, s i9000, s, t, x, to, t

Debug Menu: Enter in this code three times in a row for doing it to job.

The first 2 times it will declare the code is wrong.

Within the third try it out will say it can be correct. The code is usually: s, times, o, capital t, t, times, s, o, t, u, x, s

Key: X=X O=O T=Triangle S=Square

Enter one of these rules at the password entry display:

To play while the Compy with 20 or so lives get into:

Back button, X, Um, O, Capital t, T, T, O, To, S, H, O

To experience as the Human Hunter with twenty lives enter:

S, S, Capital t, T, Um, O, To, T, T, X, X, T

To learn as the Raptor with twenty lives enter:

Um, O, X, X, H, S, H, X, To, T, S, T

To try out as the T-rex with twenty lives enter:

Big t, T, T, S, Back button, S, To, S, X, O, U, O

To try out as your Prey with twenty lives enter:

To, O, X, X, T, X, To, X, Times, T, To, T

Equipment Hunter

Kill enemies with only one shot:

Enter the subsequent password with the password screen to make the bullets better than you probably will imagine. GRIMREAPER

Madden NFL 97

See each of the cinemas and extra teams:

To see all the cinematic sequences in Madden ninety-seven press L1 and R1 together when you turn on the overall game, until the cinematic screen comes up. Instead of going towards the introduction, the sport will go into a screen that says motion picture. To view all of them, just click for the screens at the end.

In the user display, enter TIBURON. Press Back button to accept this name, then simply press U to back. At the crew select display screen, there should be six new groups for you to play.

Madden 97 code on the exhibition screen press L2 and R2 until you get normally hidden standout team.

Wonder Super Characters

Secret character types:

To play while Thanos the fatigue game when then select arcade mode. At the character select display screen highlight Spider-Man then press up 2 times on the D-pad holding up the 2nd time. Whilst holding up quickly press and hold solid punch, then press and hold moderate punch, and ultimately press and hold weakened punch. In the event done appropriately Thanos needs to be selected.

To experience as Dr . Doom the fatigue game once then choose arcade setting. At the personality select display screen highlight Spider-Man then press down 2 times on the D-pad holding down the 2nd time. Whilst holding down quickly press and hold weak kick, after that press and hold moderate kick, after that press and hold strong kick. You may let on all of the keys this should choose Dr . Trouble.

MechWarrior 2

Maintain proper acceleration:

Simply enter this on the password display screen

#, A, Back button, 0, as well as, A, 5, Y, Sumado a, A

You have the shells:

Enter this at the pass word screen

T, U, X, 0, /, A, X, &gt, T, U

Play all of the missions!:

Merely enter this at the security password screen


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