Will there be Any Medical Potential for Pot Essay

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Expression Count: 5227Marijuana is one of the most well-known cultivated crops (Nahas 8). Since it started to be illegal in 1967, there have been questions of whether or not it is good for purposes, just like medicine, besides being a leisure drug. Arguments between pro and con groups for the use of marijuana inside the medical career, have been warmed and in new months, referendums have been pasted in a least three states to make it accessible to get medical treatment. In person, I feel that weed has the potential to be a significant help with specific aliments, yet , more research needs to be done to maximize its potential.

According to Gabriel Nahas, the first people to introduce the potential healing properties of marijuana, had been the Oriental. About five thousand years ago, the peoples with the plains of Central Asia, just from the north with the Himalayas, began cultivating the plant. Though it is far from exactly particular what cultivation of the plant was for, whether it had been for its essential oil, fiber or perhaps medical real estate, most likely it absolutely was its fiber (11). The fiber in the plant is indeed strong it can be used to make thick, sturdy ropes. Their seed also contains oil that can be used as being a varnish. In a few countries the seed is used as bird and cattle feed and in addition in the production of detergent (9). The other else that might not always be common knowledge is that the seeds may be roasted and eaten. It really is the flowers of a certain form of the plant which is used for its therapeutic and intoxicating property (9).

I say that the flower coming from a certain form of the plant as there is a common belief that there is only 1 type of weed. Nahas uncovers that cannabis is such a crazy plant, which it easy gets used to to any ground and fresh varieties then emerge. Now could be when the plant life with more robust fibers, superior oils, and a more strong drug content is picked. Only around 1000 BC, in India and Southeast Asia, if the plant did start to grow in that region, the intoxicating features were introduced and treasured (9).

And so when was your plant brought to the American Hemisphere? There is certainly archeological proof that the herb was taken to Western Europe from Asia about truck BC, by Scythian invaders and then later on it come to the Mediterranean region (Nahas 9). Yet , the people of western The european union began cultivating it as a plant crop in their location about five-hundred AD for its fiber. If the plant 1st came to The european countries, it was certainly not introduced to all of the countries. Nahas states that the rest of The european union only got to know about the plant around the Christian era. Not any signs or evidence shows that Europeans utilized marijuana intended for intoxicating purposes (9).

Nahas book lets us know that inside the New World marijuana was launched in the 16th century. It had been brought more than by both Spanish and the British and in the Spanish settled aspects of the New Universe, it was used for its fibers and its intoxicating properties had been only discovered in the past due 19th 100 years. In the United States, it had been used for the production of rope and fabric until the 20th century now it is generally a medicine used ideally for satisfaction (8-9)

According to Nahas, it absolutely was about 1842, when an Irish physician, William OShaughnessy, who also spent many years in India as a cosmetic surgeon, introduced the Western world towards the drugs therapeutic properties (247). Though Doctor OShaughnessy utilized marijuana for several different mets and disorders, he identified it many helpful in the relief of pain. In the practice, he also found the drug was most effective for convulsions happening in rabies, rheumatism, tetanus, and epilepsy. It also seemed to be a support when it came to menstrual cramps and in the delivery room, aiding with increasing uterine contractions and minimizing childbirth pains (247). Much more recent times, the National Acadamies of Health-NIH has claimed that cannabis may be helpful in the reduction of chemotherapy, to reduce nausea. The medication also helps in the stimulation of appetite and reduction from the loss of lean body mass in SUPPORTS

Is There Any Medical Possibility of Marijuana?

Weed is one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world (7). Since it became illegal in 1967 (5), there have been many questions of whether or not really it is great for purposes, just like medicine. Debates between people who are to get and resistant to the use of marijuana in medicine have been heated and in recent times, referendums have been completely brought up in at least three says to make that available for medical therapy. Personally, I do think that pot has the power to become significant assist with certain mets, however , I believe that more research is needed to confirm its medical potential.

The initial people to introduce the recovery properties of marijuana, had been the Chinese. About 5000 years ago, the people of the flatlands of Central Asia, simply north of the Himalayas, started out cultivating the plant. Though not necessarily exactly certain what cultivation of the grow was to get, whether it was for its oil, fiber or medical houses, most specialists believe that it absolutely was for its fibres. The dietary fiber of the plant is so strong that it can be used to make thicker, sturdy ropes. Its seed products also consist of oils that can be used as a layer of varnish. In some countries the seed products are used since bird and cattle give food to and also inside the manufacturing of soap. Something more important that you may certainly not know is that the seeds could be roasted and eaten since food. It happens to be the flowers of a certain form of the plant which is used for its therapeutic and intoxicating property. I say a flower from some type of the rose because from my personal knowledge, many people believe that there may be only one kind of marijuana. Truly, marijuana is a wild grow, that it very easily adapts to the soil and new varieties it then come out. This is when the plants while using strongest fibres, most outstanding oils, and a more powerful drug content material are chosen. Only around 1000 N. C., in India and Southeast Asia, when the plant started to grow in that region, the envigorating features had been recognized and appreciated (7).

So when was the herb introduced to the Western Hemisphere? There is archeological evidence

that the flower was helped bring toWestern The european countries from Asia at around 1500 B. C., by the Scythian intruders and later come to the Mediterranean region. Nevertheless , the people of western European countries didnt start cultivating it as a herb crop in their area right up until about five-hundred A. Deb. When the plant first found Europe, it had been not introduced to all the countries. The rest of Europe did not find out about the rose until around the Christian time. No indicators or proof suggests that Europeans used cannabis for envigorating purposes although. In the ” new world “, marijuana was introduced inside the 16th century. It was helped bring over by simply both the The spanish language and British settlers as well. In the Spanish settled areas of the New Community, it was intended for its fibers. Its envigorating properties had been only present in the late 19th century. In the United States, it was used for the production of rope and fabric until the 20th century where it is now trusted as a medication preferably intended for pleasure (7).

According to Nahas, it had been about 1842, when an Irish physician named William OShaughnessy introduced the Western world to mariuanas therapeutic properties. Even though Dr . OShaughnessy used marijuana for many different aliments and diseases, he found it most helpful in the pain relief. In his practice, he also found that the drug was most beneficial for provocation occurring from rabies, rheumatism, tetanus, and epilepsy. It also seemed to be a help when it came to menstrual cramps and in the delivery area, helping with increasing uterine contractions and reducing having a baby pains (7). In more recent years, the Countrywide Institutes of Health offers claimed that marijuana may be helpful in the alleviation of chemotherapy, to minimize nausea. The drug also helps in the arousal of urge for food and lowering of the loss in lean muscle mass in AIDS people and in the prevention of epileptic seizures. It also aids in the reduction of fluid pressure in the eyes triggered

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