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This paper explores a psychological example on the character of Maximum from the film Where the Wild Things Are. By making use of various sources, it is asserted that Maximum may have got suffered from a short Psychotic Break. This paper examines prevalent diagnoses for youngsters (ADHD, early on acute schizophrenia), as well as treatment options. It will go over making an analysis based on the DSM-IV standards, as well as the significance of interviewing family when it comes to child years onset psychological disorders.

It also discusses the different motivations for prescribing medicine for children, as well as what the long term effects of these prescriptions might cause.

Presenting Issue

Max is definitely an almost 8 year old boy who has been referred to me by a colleague. His mother has been concerned with Max’s behavior over the last few months, and this wounderful woman has decided to seek help intended for Max after a particularly upsetting incident wherein Max faded from the residence for a morning, and while gone experienced a number of vivid hallucinations.

Identifying Info

Max spent my youth and at the moment lives in the suburbs. His father and mother separated 36 months ago. They are now divorced. His father is living in Down under at this time, and while he tries to remain mixed up in lives of his children, Max is not able to see or speak with his father whenever he desires. His mother works full time, and has been in business overtime for the past few months. She has recently began to date once again. His old sister, Expresse, is 13. Max and Claire accustomed to play together, but during the last year Clairette is spending more time with her friends. Both kids have been recently to their pediatrician for yearly physicals, and therefore are both healthful. Neither kid is employing drugs or perhaps alcohol. The mother beverages a glass of wine beverages with supper usually, yet this is the degree of her drinking. This family has received no previous experience with therapy.

Max offers always a new lot of strength, and is a really active son. He consumes a lot of time running around the house, crashing into the pieces of furniture, and play-wrestling with his doggie. He is also a highly hypersensitive, creative kid. He usually spends hours creating small designs and collectible figurines, hand creating cards and gifts pertaining to his members of the family, and informing stories to his mom. He offers often produced his “own little worlds, such as a fortification made of cushions and blankets to protect against mythical lava, or maybe a small snow fort which in turn he phone calls a kingdom. While this individual likes to produce these products in a one environment, he can always desperate to share his work, and may become disappointed and hurt when his mother and sister are unable to pay attention to his work (Martin 2009).

Techniques of Assessment

The next information was gathered through a series of in person interviews, the two with Greatest extent and together with his parents. In addition , Max was administered the WAIIS evaluative test by a consulting psychiatrist as I are unable to give this test due to the fact that as a social employee, it declines outside my scope of practice.

Energetic Formulation

The wedding that helped bring Max to my attention was related to his requirement of validation, fantastic perception that he was staying ignored. Max’s mother was entertaining her boyfriend, and preparing meal. Max appeared from his room, putting on his wolf suit (a one-piece pajama style costume), and in an increasingly agitated condition asked his mother in which his dinner was. This individual became incredibly distressed when he saw that his mother was going to always be preparing frozen corn, and climbed through to the kitchen isle. At that point, this individual shouted “Feed me, woman and was escalating into a state of anger that his mother had under no circumstances experienced. It was frightening to Max’s mother how having been equating her love with food (Gottleib 2009). Your woman tried to convince him to climb from the counter, and ended up losing her temper. She yelled at him to receive down, then when he did he started jogging through the residence. She got him, at which point Max little her on the shoulder, ran out the leading door, and disappeared for several hours. The girl still does not know in which Max gone that night time.

During my interview with Greatest extent, he claims that he ran until this individual found a small boat on the pond. After climbing in to the boat, the pond began getting larger until it was an water. He sailed across the ocean, through hard storms, until he got to an island. The only inhabitants of the island were giant pets that he calls the Wild Issues. There were a lot of Wild Items, and they all had unique personalities. The Wild Items made Utmost their king, and he tried to take them together by having them develop a fort. Yet , that did not make the Untamed Things completely happy, so this individual tried having them fight each other, but that did not get them to happy either. At that point, they realized that Greatest extent was not a king, and threatened to enjoy him. Greatest extent says was frightened, although he apologized and requested forgiveness. The Wild Issues forgave him, and Greatest extent sailed back home. Max claims he was eliminated for days, probably even a week, but Max’s mother says he was simply gone to get 4 hours.

I have had several interviews with Max. Through the first selection interviews, he was a little bit withdrawn. This individual did not wish to answer any questions, and once he would speak it was in a really quiet words. Over time, all of us developed a rapport. This individual told me in detail about the island of the Outrageous Things, and has drawn several photos of what the creatures seemed like. He really responds for the art remedy, as he is already drawn to artsy endeavors (Martin 2009). Greatest extent is now comfortable telling myself about his daily concerns ” how sometimes this individual feels inferior in terms of where his place is in his family. He can currently coming in for one hour of remedy a week, and this seems to be the perfect schedule.

During his therapy, we discussed in detail evening that this individual ran away from home. His hallucination was really vivid: this individual believes this individual saw, noticed, and believed the Outrageous Things, and also the water in the storm and the heat of the sun. It was a responsive immersive hallucination. The Outrageous Things he encountered are most often representations of himself great family (Peele 2009). While it may have been a psychotic break, it performed start Greatest extent on a course of visiting terms with his home life.


Examining Greatest extent with the DSM-IV, I have eliminated several diagnoses that his mother was researching. I really do not notice that Max has ADHD, as he is not really displaying six or more from the symptoms of unfocused attention table and hyperactivity-impulsivity stand (APA 86). It is authentic that he sometimes works around excessively, and is easily distracted sometimes. However , this individual does not meet enough of the criteria for almost any form of ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER ” and this is looking by codes 314. 00, 314. 01 or perhaps 314. 9 (APA 86-89). Another thing to note is that Max’s teachers survey that he could be a good student, who is quiet and mindful in the classroom, and spends the recess period running around with his classmates. Therefore , since he does not show enough of the symptoms both equally at home and school, this individual cannot be diagnosed with this condition. I actually also tend not to believe that Maximum has early on onset schizophrenia (code 295. 1), when he has had the particular one delusional episode with all the hallucinations.

I believe Max a new Brief Psychotic Disorder DSM-IV code 298. 8 (APA ). This can be a likely medical diagnosis as it covers hallucinations, delusions, and is eventually but lower than 30 days long. This episode was immediate and brief. There was speedy onset, and in addition quick recovery. All of these characteristics fit into the diagnostic standards. The DSM-IV verifies which a psychotic disorder can occur in response to unnecessary stress. I believe that this psychotic break took place because of the stress that Maximum was bottling up within himself. Having been in a lots of mental soreness because of the divorce, his single mother’s new relationship, and what he perceived as the losing of his sister’s affections.

These are generally marked causes that are prevalent in the lifestyle of a middle section class Caucasian child in the us (Schmitt 2009). Now that the channels of communication have already been opened in the home, as well as that a normal mental healthcare schedule have been established, I do not see another episode being very likely. I do certainly not think that this kind of brief psychotic break has a co-morbidity with any other circumstances. Even though Brief Psychotic Disorder is exceptional among adults, as well as quite uncommon between children, it’s the best diagnosis for Greatest extent. No additional diagnosis encapsulates his symptoms, and his disturbance is certainly not better made up by a mood disorder, schizoaffective disorder, other medical condition or any type of drug abuse.

Treatment solution

Max’s treatment solution will include therapy. Were doing every week individual remedy sessions, and monthly sessions with the complete family product (Max, his mother, and his sister). These group sessions are important, as they are allowing the family to learn ways of dealing with everyday tension, as well as improving communication expertise between family. I believe that therapy will work as an earlier intervention treatment, and this intellectual behavioral therapy that we happen to be exploring will assist Max fantastic family better deal with stressors as well as provide an awareness for just about any sort of triggers for a great episode similar to this (Hughes 72-74).

I’m certainly not prescribing virtually any anti-psychotic medicine for Maximum at this time, as I do not think he would take advantage of the drugs nor does his current condition warrant virtually any prescriptions. The side effects coming from neuroleptics are too risky, the end results are long-lasting, and I am not ready to prescribe them to a child until as a last resort. I i am also not really recommending any kind of atypical antipsychotic, such as clozapine. In fact , having a diagnosis of Simple Psychotic Disorder, an ongoing maintenance plan of medication will not be ideal. A medical regimen of pills indicate that a different differential prognosis would have to be regarded as.

Prognosis and Areas to get Concern

I possess already seen improvements in Max’s patterns. He is much more comfortable talking about his feelings, plus more confident in expressing feelings of insecurity or isolation. This amount of openness offers reduced the quantity of stress and anxiety in the daily life. In fact , compared to his premorbid condition, Max is definitely happier and feeling more secure. He is nonetheless interested in producing crafts and playing exterior, and is starting to feel socially secure between Claire’s good friends and his mom’s boyfriend. In general, I feel Greatest extent has a great prognosis for full restoration. In conclusion, I find myself Max’s history is a unique study for just about any child psychiatrist. While Max’s diagnosis became a relatively uncommon disorder, the making that diagnosis came about through selection interviews with Greatest extent, his relatives, and his educators. It would had been easy to state “Max has ADHD, here are several pills. 

Max’s mom was distraught, and just wanted answers. Many parents are usually in that position, and they want a fast answer, a quick remedy. This inspiration does not are derived from a self-centered place, it comes from a location of protection ” they will just need their child to be happy and healthy. That’s why a large number of doctors happen to be willing and able to produce a quick associated with ADHD, or maybe acute early-onset schizophrenia. It provides a label, and a course of treatment. There is absolutely nothing more terrifying for a parent than not knowing precisely what is wrong with the child, which labels and prescriptions can alleviate that pain.

But for what price? The misdiagnosing and over-prescribing of children is becoming a large-scale problem. Permanent effects of these kinds of medications can lead to social concerns, health problems, and cognitive complications. Tardive dyskinesia is a common unwanted effect, and is generally irreversible. It is so common, this occurs in 1/5 of all users of neuroleptics (Nolen-Hoeksema 408). Our company is still unaware of the effects of neuroleptics on the long-term development of children. Stimulants, a common medication to get ADHD, will be being overprescribed at an mind boggling rate, particularly in rural areas (Nolen Hoeksema 469).


When it comes to kids, the family and their specialist must communicate. A full picture of the home existence, school existence, and children’s behavior must be given. With the probably long-term effects of medication to consider, intellectual behavioral therapy should be used at first, rather than pills. By partnering with Max, and taking the time approach him fantastic family, Personally i think I came to a diagnosis that may be correct. I actually also believe that the treatment we are presently on is doing good, and this we will be able to see Greatest extent flourish to a confident adolescent.

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