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To taunt your opposition, enter among the codes beneath. (Depending in your character, of

course. )

Bad Mister. Frosty: M, R & B concurrently or M, R + A at the same time.

Blob: D, R + A together.

Bonker: M, R & A together.

Dr . Kiln: L, Ur + A simultaneously.

Earthworm Jim: L, R + A simultaneously.

Houngan: L, R + B concurrently or M, R + A concurrently.

Icky Bod Clay: L, R & B at the same time.

Kung Pow: L, 3rd there’s r + A simultaneously.

Sumo Santa: T, R + A simultaneously.

Taffy: D, R & B at the same time.

T. Hoppy: L, R + A simultaneously.

300 HIT COMBOSFirst, perform any kind of Combo.

When your opponents life colocar turns reddish colored, execute one of your characters

Exceptional Moves. A large number of hits will abide by

and you could still do the characters Claytality!

Secret options mode

At the figure selection display, hold M and press C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Down, B, A(2). If you joined the code correctly, the screen will flash. Press B leaving, then your options menu. Choose the Top secret Options variety to access several body sizes, voices, skills, camera travel arrangements, claytality termes conseillés settings, and camera control using controller four.

Enjoy as Atroz Santa

At the persona selection screen, hold M and press A, C-Down, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, B.

Play since Dr . Kiln

In the character collection screen, maintain L and press N, C-Left, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, A.

Holding down the left shoulder key (L) in the character selection screen, maneuver joypad Up, Right, Down, Left, Correct, Left.

Play since Booger Guy

By: N64. com

Keep L and press Leading C, Right C, Kept C, Bottom C, B, A


At the character selection display screen, hold L and press A(5), C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Left, B, A, C-Right.

Programmers method

At the character variety screen, carry L and press A, B, A, B, A, B, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Right, C-Left, C-Right. This kind of mode permits any persona to be chosen, and comes with an overhead perspective of each level.

Random mma fighter select

At the character selection display, hold M + R.

Alternate halloween costume colors

At the persona selection display screen, press A for color scheme one or C-Down to get color scheme two, in that case press W to exit.

Same costume colours

At the character collection screen, press C-Up about either controller to select any kind of fighter. In that case, have the additional player spotlight the same personality and allow the timer to reach zero. The two fighters will be similar color throughout the match.

Level select

Select two player function, then press C-Left or perhaps C-Right at the screen that displays the present stage.


To taunt the opponent, enter one of the requirements below. (Depending on your character, of

program. )

Awful Mr. Cold: L, Ur + M simultaneously or perhaps L, L + A simultaneously.

Blob: L, Ur + A simultaneously.

Bonker: L, R + A simultaneously.

Dr . Kiln: T, R + A simultaneously.

Earthworm Sean: L, 3rd there’s r + A simultaneously.

Houngan: L, L + N simultaneously or L, Ur + A simultaneously.

Icky Bod Clay-based: L, L + B simultaneously.

Kung Pow: M, R + A simultaneously.

Sumo Santa claus: L, R + A simultaneously.

Taffy: L, L + M simultaneously.

To. Hoppy: T, R & A together.

Move List

Mr. Cold

Special Moves

Snow Ball: Bad Mr. Frosty proceeds into a ball and hurls himself for his opponent. Hold Back for two

seconds, then simply press Forward and any Punch.

Glaciers Pick: Bad Mr. Cold changes his hand into an snow pick and stabs his opponent. Press Down

Down-forward, Forward, any kind of Punch.

Ice cubes Skate Dash: Bad Mister. Frosty skis on one calf over to his opponent while yelling

Snowblower! Hold Back for 2 seconds, in that case press Forward and any Kick.

Frosty Splash: Bad Mr. Cold jumps in the air and visitors his opposition with a abdomen slam. Press

Down, Down-back, Back, any Punch.

Blizzard Kick: Bad Mr. Frosty jumps in the air and leg techinques his adversary while yelling Blizzard!

Press Forward, Straight down, Forward, any kind of Kick.

Shadow Moves (aka Super Exceptional Moves):

Rotate (the Control Pad/Stick) Back, Down, Forward twice, then press Punch.

Roll (the Control Pad/Stick) Forward, Down, Back 2 times, then press Kick.


Listed below are a few example combos that Negative Mr. Frosty can carry out. Experiment with his

Special Ways to find even more!

4-hit Combination: Hold Back for 2 seconds, after that press Ahead and Raw Kick and Fair Stop.

While you press Fair Conquer, hold Back to get a second, then simply press Forward and Raw Punch.

7-hit Combo: Begin, Brutal Strike, Fair Strike, Forward, Straight down, Forward, Brutal Kick.

Combo Breaker: Press Forward, Down

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