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Jogging Head: Employing Google+ 1 IIUM Students’ Perception for the Use of Google+ in Bettering Communication Skill Siti Natrah Bt Bactiar (0918444) Kulliyyah of Human being Science (Communications) International Islamic University Malaysia Instructor: Mdm Norazah Md. Idrus The english language for Academic Writing Section 14 6th January 2012 Employing Google+ two Abstract Just for this […]

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Social networking The fast progress social networking which was detected during the last 2-3 years is indicative of their entry in to straight life and it’s combined with our daily lives. In addition to this, there’s also been significant media insurance of the advancement social networking, the rapid good success and concerns around the procedure. […]

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People that live in the past can only communicate through the technique of Telegrams, Letters and Telephone Calls. But with the birth of modern day Technologies, wireless mobile phone and computers had been invented. Then simply, social networking begins. Advantages With this study, there are plenty of questions that we have to consider such as: […]

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Effects of Social Networking Sites Essay

The implementation of social networking sites has evolved how the person with average skills communicates with others. Studies show that the person with average skills spends for least seven hours weekly surfing and posting about social network sites ( In fact , applying social networking sites has not only increased our communication skills, but has […]

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Social Networking Essay

A social networking site can be defined as a web service that is certainly based around the building and reflecting of social relations among individuals with common interests or interpersonal ties. Social networking sites such as Facebook . com, MySpace and Twitter are all different, the one main feature they may have is that they […]

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