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Comparing two openings of Lord of the flies and Great expectations Essay

It is important that the opening of a book should be able to attract the reader to continue and go after the reader to complete the publication through and an exciting or possibly a mysterious starting that will encourage the reader to learn what would happen next. We find that Charles Dickens’ beginning for “Great […]

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Lord of the Flies Character Monolgues Essay

Jack’s monologue Oh god, what have I done? Simon, Piggy, it’s entirely my fault. I can’t express what I feel, the pain, it’s overmastering and mind numbing. Ralph if only you could understand the grief that I am going through, in-fact maybe you do? Maybe you’re hurting far more than me. Their deaths will get […]

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Lord Of The Flies- How Does Jack Become Leader? Essay

From the beginning of the novel “Lord from the Flies”, it really is immediately apparent that Jack port does not such as the idea of Rob being the primary of the kids. By the end with the book he successfully receives the position he works toward. The idea of Plug being a head is first […]

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Romeo and Juliet: The Characteristics of Lord Capulet Essay

In the play Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare; Lord Capulet, the father of Juliet, shows the characteristics to be caring, being stubborn, and being polite. During the chat with Paris, france about his proposal of marriage to Juliet, Capulet shows his caring area by safeguarding his only daughter when he says that, “My child is […]

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