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Counseling dominant factors affecting group and

Countertransference, Group Counseling, Counselling Psychology, Personal Counseling Theory Excerpt coming from Essay: Counseling Dominant factors impacting on group and individual counseling (#3) Which approaches to person and group counseling are ideal for new group counselors? Successful theoretical strategies vary between individual and group therapy. Nevertheless, there is certainly overlap inside the efficacy of certain strategies. […]

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Characteristics and criticism of humanism

Essential Theory, Humanism What is humanism? Before proceeding to examine humanistic approach or perhaps humanism, it is crucial to know the fact that discipline over was developed simply by geographers just like Yi-Fu Tuan (1974), Anne Buttimer (1976) and Edward Relph (1976, 1981, 1993) who because the 19th century arte referred to as ‘humanistic geographers’ […]

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