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Music of Solomon, ” by simply Toni Morrison, “The Stranger, ” by Albert Camus, and “Siddhartha, ” by Hermann Hesse. Specifically, this asks primary questions about the meaning of guilt and responsibility.

Employing these 3 stories, demonstrate difference among guilt and responsibility.


The Stranger” is probably the many unsettling in the three novels, and Meursault is the most interesting and questionable character. Some individuals see him as merely cold and unfeeling. Others see him as a symbol; he means truth, because he will not cover up his emotions in order to adapt what society wants or perhaps thinks. He could be a 30-year-old shipping attendant in the city of Algiers, throughout the 1930s. His main hobbies are going swimming, his operate, and viewing the people of Algiers by his patio.

In the 1st part of the story, his mom has died, and this individual attends the funeral, nevertheless is so unemotional about it, that the doorkeeper and warden from the nursing home where the girl lived are aghast in his indifference. This will come back to haunt him later in the story. He says, “Maman perished today. Or yesterday maybe, I can’t say for sure, ” which pretty much amounts up his feelings (or lack of them). He acts the same way while using other character types in the account. There is no like, passion, or perhaps caring info, he interacts with them since they are there, and he provides nothing far better to do. Prior to he eliminates the Arabic on the seashore, he says to himself, “To go or stay, figure to the same thing. ” That is how he looks at everything about him, with great not caring, and this is the key to his total lack of guilt and remorse. He feels absolutely nothing, and so he has no explanation to think guilty or perhaps responsible for whatever.

Now we can say that he features looked inside himself, and found as much as he can ever going to find. Meursault is an interesting and distressing character. He really is a “Stranger” to him self, and to individuals around him, until this individual embraces the absurdity of life.

By the end of the novel, he becomes an existentialist hero. He has discovered this is of your life, and it is the indifference worldwide, which means there really is no that means to our lives. If existence are to suggest anything, we need to create this is in ourselves. When he finally realizes this, he knows he continues to be happy in the odd life, and does not need to die, but it is too late for him. Pertaining to him, remorse and responsibility have no which means, and this is among the reasons he could be such a tragic character. Guilt and remorse are present when one particular feels something, and Meursault feels nothing, he is empty and therefore he is nothing at all.

Toni Morrison’s novel “Song of Solomon” follows a character with the incongruous name of Macon (Milkman) Dead 3. He is the total opposite of Meursault, pertaining to he is because responsible since Meursault is usually not.

Milkman’s ultimate task is to attain “a solid and centered sense of self, a self that accepts responsibility for his past and reaches in love individuals. ” Because Morrison informed Mel Watkins, “If there is certainly any regular theme within my fiction, I suppose that is this – how and so why we figure out how to live this kind of life deeply and well” (Morrison and Bloom 6).

Morrison’s complete book is about responsibility and guilt. Milkman has it, nevertheless his daddy does not, and he is the “villain” in the part, placed generally there to show the opposite side of responsibility, total apathy. In one scene, he’s collecting hire, and entirely unconcerned his tenant really wants to commit committing suicide. “Put [the

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