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Needs which can be lower in the hierarchy should be fulfilled prior to each higher level is (Korman, 1974). In respect to Maslow, the first level contains the physiological needs, just like hunger and thirst. This must be happy before any other level. The next stage consists of protection needs, which could become determinants of habit. Examples of secureness needs incorporate physical, economical, and even politics or sociable stability. The next level contains social requirements, such as the requirement of love and social association (DeCatanzaro, 1999). The out level includes self-esteem requirements, which come via productive and useful operate or achievement in many endeavors. Finally, the past level consists of the drive for self-actualization, which is our highest will need, such as satisfying personal potentials and skillsets. The meaning from the term self-actualization is very abstract and obscure; however , it is said that in the drive pertaining to self-actualization, all of us seek specialized roles in modern creation societies, based upon our aptitudes, training and personality (DeCatanzaro, 1999).

Abraham H. Maslow was a great intellectual pioneer of his time. He consistently came across new ideas and wrote about them. This produced countless scholarly research and his well-known hierarchy of needs. What Maslow forgotten was a legacy that will under no circumstances be ignored.

In regards to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it is just a logical one. Naturally, I would say that someone’s need for hunger or being thirsty is a significant drive that could be collective of most people. I feel that Maslow was correct in stating this and that this is a need that must come first. Additionally , his future levels all fall into ladder-like steps which can be accomplished in a systematic approach. I additional understand that these types of needs happen to be experienced uniquely and differently by every individual, but most of us collectively have these identical needs, innately within us.

This can be relevant to a real-life situation, together with the example of a homeless person. A homeless person is often hungry and searching for food. This innately is done to fulfill the initial food cravings need before any other want. Following the food cravings need, the homeless person searches for an area to sleep and become safe. This is related to Maslow’s second amount of needs, which is safety. When those requires are fulfilled, the destitute person can move on to seek out love and social connection, maybe he will seek out friends or perhaps loved ones, in order to satisfy this need. The conceit need and self-actualization come subsequently. It might be difficult pertaining to the destitute person to perform the latter, but it can be done.


DeCatanzaro, Deb. (1999). Motivation and sentiment. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.


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