Management Information System Essay

Computerization of manual process has resulted to efficient data management and information spread for the users. This enables the users to easily identify and shop information as needed without delay or perhaps errors. Correct data managing ensures the use of information specially in planning, studying trends, efficiency management and decision-making within an institution.

Direction Office is an institution that procedure insurmountable info such as records of college students, teaching/ nonteaching instructors, and evaluation of instructors, documents of decreased students and records of student offenses. Due to privacy of data, proper managing of data features its concern. To ensure right management of information, use of Supervision Information Program must placed into consideration. Management Information Strategy is an integrated set of component or entities that interact to attain a information function, goal or objective. Therefore it is a pc based program that provides details for decisions making about planning, organising and manipulating the operation with the sub-systems inside the institution.

Administration Information Program ensures that the right data is usually collected in the various options, processed, and sent further to all the needy locations. The system can be expected to match the information requires of an person, a group of persons, the supervision functionaries: the managers as well as the top administration. Company Account Urdaneta Metropolis University (UCU) started being a rewarding concept of Dr . Pedro T. Orata, world-renowned instructor and Ramon Magsaysay honored to establish a college degree complex that will provide basic education throughout higher education in a single compound, it is humble starting contrasts the current position as a fast growing and lone regional university inside the province of Pangasinan.

This started increasing available methods to provide education to knowledge-hungry youth and young adults, trusting on the principle of education for all. Indeed, as the first community college in the Philippines, UCU, formerly generally known as City Universities of Urdaneta (CCU) and Urdaneta Community College (UCC) is a concrete floor and genuine proof of Doctor Orata’s sound expression of his wonderful love, hope and concern for poor people but in a position and suitable Filipino Youngsters who cannot afford collegiate schooling in the metropolitan areas.

Believing the rural people are entitled to equivalent opportunities pertaining to and access to higher education with those inside the cities, this individual founded the UCC in 1966 with Mayor Amadeo R. Perez Jr. current strong support of then simply Sangguniang Bayan using the takings of the 1966 Town placer celebration. Popular was the contribution of Doctor Leoncio Ancheta, first Dean of UCC who aided Dr . Enajenado in laying the research for the College’s formal operations. While an archetypal of the community colleges of United States of America, the school started with an enrolment of one hundred or so forty-four (144) students, whom came from the agricultural areas.

Evidently, most of the initially students earned their way through school by generating tricycles after and before classes, working in the farms, serving as part-time maids and salesladies. The College started its operation with the interino permit to spread out a two-year General Education course approved by the Admin of Education on March 4, 1966. The Secretary further authorized the program intended for Non-formal Education; hence, short-term courses in agriculture and retails organization for adults were also offered to assist them in enhancing all their earning capacities.

After couple of years, the initial batch of General Education, 84 people, graduated. This kind of paved the way towards the opening of any four-year Education program that was granted in 1968. Adhering to the viewpoint of keeping rate with the changing needs in the academe, UCC offered levels in Breastfeeding in 1975, Commerce and Accountancy and Computer education in 1966.

It also released in its study course offering short-term courses in Midwifery (1973), Computer Education (1990) and Caregiver Training Program (2002). Number 1 . Company Chart Objective To provide genuine and energetic assistance wherever students are most likely guided in all respects of man’s development. Vision To become a practical Guidance Middle in order to response the requires of students in their alterations throughout school.

Statement with the Problem In the development of the suggested system, this sought to answers to the following inquiries: 1 . Exactly what are the existing types of procedures adopted simply by Urdaneta City University Assistance Office when it comes to: Objectives This kind of project study aimed to style and produce a Record Management of Urdaneta City College or university Guidance Workplace. Specifically, listed below are the targets of the study: 1 . To distinguish the existing techniques of Urdaneta City University Guidance Business office in terms of: a) Career Assistance; Importance of the research Definitions of Terms In order to fully understand the proposed program the following conditions were defined operationally and conceptually. Computerized System.

The process of storing and retrieving details through the use of computer. Files are often stored on the database. Manual System. The storing and retrieving details that is kept on cabinets and storage.

Files usually are put on files. Methodology. A guideline system in solving a problem. MIS (Management Information System). It is application use intended for managing student’s records and documents.

Network. It is a group of computers that happen to be interconnected together. Requirements. They are the group of functions and constraints that the end user needs from the system. Researcher.

Urdaneta City University or college College of Computer Studies students executing a study. Software. A collection of applications, procedures and documentation that performs duties on a computer system.

Security. Is it doesn’t protection in the system from unauthorized users.

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