Characteristics of Women That Attract Men Essay

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We were searching for a characteristics of woman that attract males. After all, we distributed the questionnaire amongst Labuan Matriculation Colleges’ pupil (LMC) 2012/13 to get the particular answer. The questions are universal that can be answer by simply both sexuality, male and female. All the respondent are vast majority from Sabah and Sarawak, while some will be from Peninsular Malaysia whom studying in LMC.

In this research, i was only centering on teenagers, by age 19 to 20 even as we believed, most individu starts to get serious in searching a wife around this grow older circle. installment payments on your 2 Analysis Instrument Specific and multiple-choices style of queries had been utilized in this customer survey. Categorical style are in most cases use to determine the respondent’s life qualifications, while, to be able to prove the objectives, multiple-choices answer get to help the respondents to reply to bunch of queries. 2 . three or more Research Method After done discussing the research’s matter, we combined all the concepts from the 4 heads of us to one paper.

We validated the questions to be more specific and most essential is, the questions has to be interesting and easy to be answer. This is because, based on our own knowledgeable, people can easily acquire bore the moment answering a question that appears boring and hard to answer, in particular those question which you have to state grounds for some answer. So , in order to make sure the surveys with the bag, we all try to generate it easy and simple as we can easily.

Afterwards, we submitted the softcopy to our subject’s lecturer and watch for her endorsement. Next, we all distributed the questionnaires for all the surveys takers in LMC during snooze hour by cafeteria. There have been 90 replications of set of questions.

45 clarified by men students age 19-20 as the rest solved by the opposite sex. This only took about 3minutes for each person to answer. Seeing that both male and female may answer the questions, we can see, there are a lot of different view between those two genders. Finally, making evaluation is the most challenging step to accomplish when we have to check the answers one-by-one.

Nevertheless , it become less difficult when every of us demonstrated cooperativity and helping each other.

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