I am aware Why the Caged Fowl Sings Essay The publication we just lately read was called, “I Know For what reason the Caged Bird Sings”, written by Cyber Angelou. This is a memoir about Maya Angelou’s life from age 3 to 17. The story was about Maya’s life managing her close friend and granny who she called, “Momma” in Plastic stamps, Arkansas.

Then later in her life, your woman ended up residing in St . John with her mother, San Francisco with her Father, and in many cases living in an auto at a junkyard. Your woman was facing confusion in her later years as a teenager and became pregnant and had a bit boy. Over time, there were many people who had an impact on Marguerite’s life.

I think that Momma, Mrs. Blossoms, and Mr. Freeman had a huge influence on Marguerite’s your life whether it was positive or negative. One individual that was very important on Marguerite’s life was Momma. Your woman had a confident effect on Marguerite’s life. Momma owned the sole store inside the black area of Stamps that was the life centre of the community with a friendly atmosphere and Momma dished up as a “community leader”. The lady was a solid woman who have took attention things and raised Cromwell and Marguerite with good morals. “But Momma confident us that not only was cleanliness subsequent to Godliness, dirtiness was your inventor of misery. (Angelou pg. 26/27) Momma appreciated Christian beliefs and had strict rules. “Since Momma advised us which the less you say to whitefolks (or also powhitetrash) the better, Cromwell and I might stand, solemn, quiet, in the displaced air flow. ” (Angelou pg. 27) Momma failed to let the powhitetrash run around her when they were frequently mocking her and flashing themselves. She kept her dignity and she said a proper farewell to them with a, “Bye, Miz Sue, bye, Miz Ruth, cya, Miz Eloise. ” (Angelou pg. 31) Marguerite learned from Momma the ways to get away from the ethnicity tension within this tough period.

The 2nd person who had an effect on Marguerite’s life was Mrs. Plants. She was your aristocrat of Black Plastic stamps and was also certainly one of Marguerite’s idols. Although Mrs. Flowers would never laugh, Marguerite loved when ever she would smile at her often. Mrs. Flowers manufactured Marguerite feel very special and required interest, “I was appreciated, and what a difference this made. I used to be respected less Mrs. Henderson’s grandchild or Bailey’s sibling but for only being Marguerite Johnson. “(Angelou pg. 98). Mrs. Flowers had a great effect on Marguerite’s life and she attempts to take Marguerite out of her peace and quiet by planning to teach her to have a words.

Marguerite respected that Mrs. Flowers urged her for her love of literature. Mrs. Flowers was an ideas to Marguerite because the lady had dignity and was always faithful to herself. “It would be safe to say that she helped me proud to get Negro, simply by being very little. ” (Angelou pg. 92) Marguerite learned from Mrs. Flowers that it’s okay to possess a voice and to speak and be heard. The 3rd person with an affect about Marguerite’s your life was Mr. Freeman. Once Marguerite and Bailey remaining the Plastic stamps they arrived to St Louis wherever Mother existed. Mother’s man, Mr. Freeman, lived with them too. While in St .

John, Mr. Freeman raped and sexually molested Marguerite. That started out which has a hug which will deeply affected Marguerite. “He held me personally so gently that I wished he wouldn’t ever allow me to go. I actually felt at your home. ” (Angelou pg. 71) She was left in confusion since his physical touch built her experience wanted and before that she got never sensed loved. Mr. Freeman gave her an incorrect kind of love and Marguerite was uncertain of what take pleasure in really was. This individual completely required advantage of Marguerite and her need for physical affection. “Then there was the pain. A breaking and entering when ever even the senses are town apart.

The act of rape by using an eight-year-old body is a matter of the needle supplying because the buck can’t. The child gives, as the body can, and the head of the violator cannot. ” (pg. 76) He selfishly violated Marguerite’s purity. After, Mr. Freeman was killed and Marguerite felt guilty and responsible for his death. Mr. Freeman negatively affected Marguerite’s childhood. Maya kind of learned what love was and knowledgeable a lot of emotions through this entire occurrence. I really believe that Momma, Mrs. Bouquets, and Mister. Freeman had a huge effect on Marguerite’s your life whether it absolutely was positive or negative.

Momma basically raised Marguerite and Bailey to the best of her ability with regards to everything they certainly with Christian morals. Mrs. Flowers produced Marguerite feel special and urged her to learn out loud more and more. Mr. Freeman raped Marguerite at eight years old and ever since in that case she sensed guilty and conscious of the actions that took place. During Maya Angelou’s life, the contact with all those 3 characters made her learn several things about herself. She discovered to open up and overcome many road blocks and by the conclusion of the account Maya totally blossomed. MLA: Angelou, Cyber. I Know For what reason the Caged Bird Sings.

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