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Property of the Forehead 8: thirty-three P. Meters.

The secret is usually how to die.

Since the beginning of time, the trick had been how to pass away.

The thirty-four-year-old initiate gazed down at the human skull cradled in his palms. The skull was hollow, such as a bowl, filled up with bloodred wine beverage.

Drink it, he advised himself. You could have nothing to fear.

As was tradition, he had begun this kind of journey featured in the ritualistic garb of a medieval heretic being generated the gallows, his loose-fitting shirt gaping open to reveal his paler chest, his left shorts leg thrown up to the knee, and his proper sleeve thrown up to the knee. Around his neck put up a heavy rope noose, a “cable-tow” while the brethren called this. Tonight, however , like the brethren bearing witness, he was outfitted as a learn.

The assembly of brothers adjoining him all were embellished in their total regalia of lambskin aprons, sashes, and white gloves. Around their particular necks hung ceremonial gems that glistened like ghostly eyes in the muted light. Many of these men held effective stations anytime, and yet the initiate understood their life ranks intended nothing within these walls. Here most men had been equals, sworn brothers sharing a magical bond.

When he surveyed the daunting set up, the initiate wondered whom on the outside will ever think that this collection of men might assemble in one place… much less this place. The room seemed like a holy sanctuary from the ancient globe.

The truth, nevertheless , was new person still.

I actually am just blocks away from White Property.

This heavy edifice, located at 1733 Sixteenth Streets NW in Washington, G. C., was a replica of the pre-Christian temple, the serenidad of Full Mausolus, the first mausoleum… a location to be taken after death. Beyond the main access, two seventeen-ton sphinxes safeguarded the fermeté doors. The inside was an ornate labyrinth of ritualistic chambers, entrée, sealed vaults, libraries, and a empty wall that held the remains of two man bodies. The initiate have been told every room from this building held a magic formula, and yet this individual knew simply no room held deeper secrets than the gigantic chamber in which he was at the moment kneeling using a skull cradled in his palms.

The Forehead Room.

This room was a perfect sq .. And cavernous. The threshold soared an astonishing one hundred toes overhead, maintained monolithic columns of green granite. A tiered gallery of darker Russian pine seats with hand-tooled pigskin encircled the bedroom. A thirty-three-foot-tall throne focused the western wall, which has a concealed tube organ reverse it. Them were a kaleidoscope of ancient signs… Egyptian, Hebraic, astronomical, alchemical, and others yet unknown.

Tonight, the Serenidad Room was lit with a series of precisely arranged candle lights. Their dim glow was aided just by a pale shaft of moonlight that filtered through the expansive ouverture in the threshold and lighted the room’s most surprising feature, a significant altar hewn from a great block of polished The belgian black marble, situated lifeless center with the square chamber.

The secret can be how to pass away, the trigger reminded himself.

“It is time, inches a tone of voice whispered.

The initiate permit his eyes climb the distinguished white-robed figure ranking before him. The Great Worshipful Master. The man, in the late 50s, was an American icon, very well loved, solid, and incalculably wealthy. His once-dark curly hair was turning silver, fantastic famous illustration reflected a very long time of power and a vigorous mind.

“Take the oath, ” the Worshipful Master said, his words soft like falling snow. “Complete the journey. inch

The initiate’s journey, just like all these kinds of journeys, had begun with the first degree. On that night, in a routine similar to this one particular, the Worshipful Master got blindfolded him with a purple velvet hoodwink and pressed a ceremonial dagger to his bare upper body, demanding: “Do you seriously declare on your honor, uninfluenced by mercenary or any additional unworthy motive, that you widely and voluntarily offer your self as a prospect for the mysteries and privileges of the brotherhood? inch

“I do, ” the initiate got lied.

“Then let this be a scam to your mind, ” the master acquired warned him, “as well as instant death should you ever betray the secrets to be imparted for you. “

At that time, the initiate had experienced no dread. They will by no means know my personal true goal here.

Tonite, however , he sensed a foreboding solemnity in the Serenidad Room, wonderful mind started replaying each of the dire safety measures he had received on his trip, threats of terrible effects if this individual ever shared the old secrets he was about to study: Throat minimize from hearing to ear canal… tongue split out by simply its origins… bowels applied for and used up… scattered towards the four gusts of wind of heaven… heart plucked out and given to the beasts from the field

“Brother, ” the gray-eyed expert said, putting his left on the initiate’s shoulder. “Take the final pledge. “

Steeling himself the past step of his trip, the initiate shifted his muscular frame and converted his interest back to the skull cradled in his hands. The crimson wine looked almost black in the dim candlelight. The chamber got fallen deathly silent, and he can feel all the witnesses observing him, waiting for him to take his final oath and join their particular elite rates. Tonight, this individual thought, something happens to be taking place inside these walls that has under no circumstances before occurred in the history on this brotherhood. Not once, in centuries.

This individual knew it might be the spark… and it will give him unfathomable power. Stimulated, he came a breathing and chatted aloud the same words that countless guys had spoken before him in countries all over the world.

“May this wines I now beverage become a fatal poison to me… should I ever knowingly or willfully disobey my pledge. “

His words echoed in the hollow space.

Then simply all was quiet.

Steadying his hands, the start raised the skull to his mouth area and felt his lips touch the dry bone fragments. He shut his sight and tipped the skull toward his mouth, having the wine extended range, deep swallows. When the last drop was gone, this individual lowered the skull.

To get an instant, this individual thought he felt his lungs growing tight, fantastic heart began to pound hugely. My The almighty, they know! Then, as quickly as it came, the feeling handed.

A pleasant warmness began to stream through his body. The initiate exhaled, smiling inwardly as he gazed up in the unsuspecting gray-eyed man who had foolishly publicly stated him in to this brotherhood’s most secretive ranks.

Rapidly you will reduce everything you hold most dear.

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